Who we are ?

STIF is a French company based in Maine et Loire and is the leading manufacturer of metallic components in the bulk product handling industry.

In 2009 the VIGILEX division was formed to specialize in passive protection solutions for dust explosions, primarily using deflagration vents, flame arresters, and non-return valves.

Innovation, which is the company’s DNA, has enabled the VIGILEX division to experience rapid development in recent years for the EXPLOSION PROTECTION sector.

Constant monitoring of potential markets has led STIF to design solutions to protect against explosions and fires for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

To engage as close as possible to BESS customers and provide them with a range of products adapted for their unique specifications, STIF created an additional division specifically for this market called : VIGILEX ENERGY

In this catalog you will find solutions to effectively protect Battery Energy Storage Containers (BESS) from explosions and fires.

We also can customize products based on customer applications.

BESS market :

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have become, in a few years, an unparalleled solution to remedy the intermittency of certain renewable energies, such as wind farms and photovoltaic solar panel farms.

Indeed, these battery systems (often Lithium-ion) make it possible, for several hours, to supply the electrical network, by acting as a relay, even when renewable energies are not active.

Like any system, it is necessary to protect and limit the risks of explosions and fires that may be caused by thermal runaway of the batteries.

This is where VIGILEX ENERGY comes in by offering you its expertise in :

  • The sizing of the necessary deflagration vents.
  • Understanding and applying the standards in force.
  • Technical support, the possibility of joint studies, research and tests in order to achieve the product you are looking for.
  • A large choice of solutions including completely waterproof IP67 products, or a double action product (DUAL-VENT page 8 ) which will either release the gases at first stage of the thermal runaway or open to release the pressure of the explosion and keep the integrity of the container intact.
  • Global coverage with factories in France (Europe), China (Asia) and USA.